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The Zoological Garden of Beersheba
Negev Zoo IMG 1095.JPG
Location Beersheba, Israel
Coordinates 31°15′36″N 34°44′42″E / 31.26°N 34.745°E / 31.26; 34.745
Land area 10 dunams (1.0 ha; 2.5 acres)

The Zoological Garden of Beersheba (AKA NegevZoo) is a Zoo located near the west entrance of Beersheba, Israel.[1]

The zoo's area is 10 dunams (1 hectare or 2.5 acres). It has a collection of mammalians, birds and reptiles from which the ungulates, turtles, snakes and lizards are especially notable.

The zoo was established on 1954 as a petting zoo of the nearby school. Little by little it got support from the city of Beersheba, the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Housing and Construction Minister of Israel and private contributors, it moved from place to place in the town, and finally was made a formal zoo.