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Nelliady is a larger city in the Jaffna district.

After the 2004 tsunami and the on-going civil war, people started moving towards places of safety from the sea coasts. Nelliady became a ready-made town for all the affected refugees. Nelliady also had plenty of fresh water supply from the Athulu Reservoir.

It slowly started changing into a crowded city after the people of northern and eastern coasts started moving into a peaceful rural environment.

Nelliady had all the potentials for a long-time growth with the best schools and hospitals. The neighbouring cities of Point Pedro and Valvettithurai were taking away all the development for a while until the 2004 tsunami turned the life around. With the tsunami sweeping all the coasts with a 2-metre wall of sea water, life became unbearable with the sea contaminating soil and ground water. Nelliady escaped from the calamity and the population migrated there.


Nelliady is a centre for learning. It has a population of doctors, engineers and professors working all over the world.

Secondary schools were one of the best in the country. Nelliady Madhya Maha Vidyalayam, Sacred Heart College, Vigneswara College, Uduppiddy American Mission College, Gnanasariyar College .The island level famous Hartley College is located in the near city point pedro.


Coordinates: 9°48′N 80°12′E / 9.800°N 80.200°E / 9.800; 80.200