Nemerlaer Castle

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Nemerlaer Castle
Kasteel Nemerlaer
Haaren, Netherlands
Nemerlaer Castle
Nemerlaer Castle is located in Netherlands
Nemerlaer Castle
Nemerlaer Castle
Coordinates 51°35′21″N 5°13′54″E / 51.58917°N 5.23167°E / 51.58917; 5.23167
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
Built 1303 (1303)
Materials Brick

Nemerlaer Castle is a 14th-century castle, located in Haaren, Netherlands.

The castle is named after the river Nemer and after Laer which means clearing in the forest. It was first mentioned in 1303, as home of Knight Geerlinck van den Bossche.

Currently the castle is still inhabited. In the basement is a café. In addition there are cultural and public activities, such as exhibitions and concerts. The castle is also used for weddings.

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