Neon Rose

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Neon Rose
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Hard rock
Years active 1969–1975
Labels Vertigo Records
Associated acts Wasa Express, Uppåt Väggarna

Neon Rose was a hard rock band from Sweden.


Neon Rose was formed in 1969 by bandmembers Roger, Piero and Benno under the name Spider; when Stanley Larsson joined the group in 1973 they took the name Neon Rose. Signing with Vertigo Records, their debut album was released in 1974, and was quickly followed with a sophomore effort early in 1975. Following the recording of this album, Stanley Larsson left the group and was replaced by Thomas Wiklund, formerly of Uppåt Väggarna. The group's final album, Reload, was released in 1975 and the group split, with Roger going on to join Wasa Express.

Piero attempted to reform the group with all new members in 1977, but this incarnation disbanded after recording a few demos. In 1981, the group reformed with Piero and Benno and several new members. They recorded one single for Rosa Honung Records which never was issued.


Original members
  • Roger Holegård - vocals, guitar, mellotron
  • Piero Mengarelli - guitar
  • Gunnar Hallin - guitar (1974–1975)
  • Benno Mengarelli - bass
  • Kenta Krull - drums (1969–1973)
  • Stanley Larsson - drums (1973–75)
  • Thomas Wiklund - drums (1975)
1981 reunion members
  • Piero Mengarelli - guitar and vocals
  • Benno Mengarelli - bass
  • Joaquin Calafell - drums
  • Erik Svensson - keyboards
  • Conny Bloom - guitar


  • A Dream of Glory and Pride (Vertigo, 1974)
  • Two (Vertigo, 1975)
  • Reload (Vertigo, 1975)

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