Nerdcore Hiphop (album)

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Nerdcore Hiphop
Demo album by MC Frontalot
Recorded 1999–2004
Genre Nerdcore hip hop
MC Frontalot chronology
Nerdcore Hiphop Nerdcore Rising

Nerdcore Hiphop is a demo album by MC Frontalot, which first gave a name to the nerdcore hip hop genre, as well as the name of a song on that album. Because it was only released via the internet, the track listing is unordered, and includes tracks released from 1999 until his first commercial album, Nerdcore Rising, in 2005. The songs are therefore listed here in the order of which they were released.[1] All listed songs are freely available for download through his website along with several remixes, mostly by Song Fight! regulars.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Speed Queen"   1:55
2. "Good Old Clyde"   1:57
3. "Mountain Kind"   2:35
4. "Nerdcore Hiphop"   2:30
5. "Front the Most"   2:13
6. "Rewind That Back"   1:59
7. "Indier Than Thou"   2:37
8. "Crime Spree"   2:04
9. "Which MC Was That?"   3:14
10. "Special Delivery"   1:45
11. "Braggadocio"   3:17
12. "I Heart Fags"   4:07


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