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Net News Daily
Nnd logo.jpg
Type Partnership
Founded January 2009
Headquarters Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Area served Worldwide (based on Scottish subjects)
Employees 12[citation needed]
Slogan(s) We take the news and mash it up
Alexa rank Negative increase 22,136,439 (March 2012)[1]
Type of site News & blogging
Available in English
Current status Offline

Net News Daily (NND) is a British news website. The site covers a range of topics, such as technology and entertainment and includes a prominent interviews section. Net News Daily was launched on 8 January 2009 as a simple news blog, but has grown since then.[2][3][4]

Site popularity[edit]

The site's creators have claimed in interviews that NND receives up to 5000 visitors per day.[5][6]


The site has conducted interviews with YouTube stars and people involved in breaking news stories.

Michael Mooney[edit]

Michael Mooney was the creator of Mikeyy, a malicious worm on Twitter. He was interviewed by NND,[7] during which Mooney revealed information that other media outlets did not already know. The interview was cited by Sky News[8] and Computerworld.[9]


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