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Developer(s) David Mullich
Publisher(s) Edu-Ware
Platform(s) Apple II
Genre(s) Business simulation
Mode(s) Single-player, Two-player

Network is a real-time, two player business simulation game developed by David Mullich for the Apple II in 1980.


Two players play competitively against the computer, each taking the role of the programming chief for a major television network. Each side bids on new television shows to add to the season’s line-up, schedules them, monitors the weekly ratings, and then drops shows with poor ratings or reschedules them to recover from mistakes at the end of the thirteen-week season. The side with the highest ratings is the winner.


Bruce Webster reviewed Network in The Space Gamer No. 31.[1] Webster commented that "Unfortunately, I just could not get interested in the game. It moves slowly and requires (for intelligent play) that the players keep track of a lot of information that is not always easily accessible. One friend I played against quit out of boredom at one point, and I found myself yawning. There is a lack of tension, which means that personal interest must be the overriding factor in playing the game - and I'm just not that interested in network planning. If you are, then this is the game for you; otherwise, I'm afraid you'll just be disappointed."[1]


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