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Network Records, originally called Kool Kat Records, was an independent record label founded in Birmingham, England, in 1988 by Neil Rushton and Dave Barker.[1] It was instrumental in first introducing Detroit techno to British and European audiences.[2]


The label concentrated on bringing Detroit techno to Britain and moving UK house music to a new level as well as playing an important role in the development of early hardcore and techno, with artists such as True Faith, Juan Atkins, R Theme, Derrick May, Cyclone, MK, Neal Howard, Model 500, Mayday, Kevin Saunderson, Rhythm on the Loose, Lost Entity, Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space, SL2, Nexus 21, Altern-8 & MC Lethal

Network was sometimes incorrectly referred to as Netwerk Records. It spun off a new label, Six6, also known as 6x6. The label was distributed by Virgin Records from 1988 until its demise in the mid 90s.


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