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Neue Berliner Musikzeitung was a musical periodical that appeared in the years 1847-1896 and was published by Bote & Bock. It was a continuation of the Berlin musical newspaper published between 1844-1847 by Karl Gaillard.


The Neue Berliner Musikzeitung reported extensively on the musical life in Berlin, but also on other cities in Germany and Europe. And together with the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung and the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, it was widely considered the most important and influential music periodical in Berlin as well as in the German states.[1] In addition, it was the official publication of the Berlin Association of Musicians.

It was established by Gustave Bock,[2] a former board member of the publisher, and Hermann Wolff (1845-1902), a former editorial director. Bock was the agent of Ferruccio Busoni and responsible for the founding of the Philharmonic Society.


  • Berlin: H. Bussler, L. Deppe, Heinrich Dorn, H. Ehrlich, Robert Eitper, Ferdinand Gumbert, W. Lackowitz, W. Langhans, O. Liebel, A. Löschhorn, H. Truhn, Heinrich Urban, Max Vogler, W. Westerhausen
  • Berlin-Charlottenburg: Otto Lessmann
  • Dresden: Emil Naumann
  • Cologne: August Guckeisen
  • Königsberg: Gustav Dullo, Louis Köhler
  • Leipzig: Johann Christian Lobe (1859-1867)
  • Milan: Martin Röder
  • Petersburg: W. v. Lenz
  • Potsdam: Mrs. Alberti
  • Röhrsdorf: Robert Musiol
  • Szczecin: Carl Kossmaly
  • St. Mauritz: Joseph Seiler

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