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Neutron is an Italian comic book series and the name of the eponymous main character created in 1965 by Guido Crepax. The series eventually became Valentina.

Publication history[edit]

The first Neutron story, La curva di Lesmo was published in the magazine in Linus in May 1965.[1] The series was centered on the superhero Neutron, and his fiancee Valentina was featured as a supporting character.[2] The following story, I sotterranei published in February 1966, explored the origins of its main character, but subsequently became demoted to a peripheral character, as the series briefly was entitled Neutron/Valentina, and eventually Valentina by the end of 1967.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Neutron is the alter ego of Philip Rembrandt, an art critic who since his youth has had the ability to paralyse people simply by meeting their gaze.[2] He is revealed to be the descendant of a subterranean race from the city of Komyatan.[3]

As an amateur investigator, Neutron solves some bizarre mysteries, but the few stories untimately served as an introductory prequel for the photographer Valentina Rosselli, who became the main protagonist of stories of a different genre, and one of the most famous European comics characters.

The characters Valentina and Philip had a son named Mattia.


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