New Ditch

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New Ditch
New Ditch Ancient Settlement.jpg
Location Butleigh, Somerset, England
Coordinates 51°05′47″N 2°42′37″W / 51.09639°N 2.71028°W / 51.09639; -2.71028Coordinates: 51°05′47″N 2°42′37″W / 51.09639°N 2.71028°W / 51.09639; -2.71028
Reference no. Somerset 447[1]
New Ditch is located in Somerset
New Ditch
Location of New Ditch in Somerset

New Ditch is a linear earthwork of possible Iron Age or Medieval construction.[2] It partially crosses the Polden Hills in woodlands approximately 1.1 miles (1.8 km) south-west from the village of Butleigh in Somerset, England.

Its construction is similar to Ponter's Ball Dyke 3 miles to the northeast, with the dyke on the south east of the embankment, but of less massive construction. Both were probably part of a more extensive defence scheme. It is nearly half a mile in length and was probably of greater extent originally, but as it stands, New Ditch cannot be termed a cross-ridge dyke although it does seem to be a boundary work.[2]

It is debatable whether this site is ancient because it is located close to a medieval woodland and a deer park.[1][3]


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