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New Hudson
New Hudson 3,5-4 HP 500 cc SV 1914
New Hudson 1924
New Hudson 1929.jpg

New Hudson was a British engineering and motorcycle manufacturing company from Birmingham.

They built motorcycles and pedal cycles from 1903 until the early 1930s, when the company changed to the manufacture of Girling brakes. The Girling interests were sold to Lucas in 1943 and the company went back to cycle making with a range of autocycles or lightweight motor cycles. This continued until 1956 by which time some 24,000 had been made.[1]

In 1929 the company purchased the Girling brake patent from the inventor Albert Girling, to supply brake systems to Ford, Austin, Rover and Riley.[2]

In 1943 New Hudson was purchased by Joseph Lucas Limited (including the Girling patent) and combined with Lucas's Bendix Brake interests, which Lucas had acquired in 1931, and Luvax Shock Absorber to form Girling Limited.[3]


Model Period Cylinder Capacity
4½ hp 1912–1914 1 737 cm³
Tricycle 1919-1924 2 V 1250 cm³

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