New Jack Reunion Tour

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New Jack Reunion Tour
Tour by Guy, BLACKstreet, Tony! Toni! Toné!, After 7, SWV
Start date February 24, 2006
End date November 18, 2006
Legs ?
No. of shows ?

The New Jack Reunion Tour was a 2006 concert tour that featured members of the 1990s music genre "new jack swing," which was created by Teddy Riley.

The tour was organized by Riley and was intended as the springboard for a new jack swing revival. The performers of the New Jack Reunion Tour included the Riley-founded bands Guy and BLACKstreet, as well as Tony! Toni! Toné!, After 7, and SWV. Mark Middleton of BLACKstreet stated that the goal of the tour was to appeal to a range of age groups, from teenagers to 40-year-olds, using the virtue of New Jack's musical foundations: "You have the younger artists doing R&B and hip-hop, but the level of musicianship and performance has gone down since '96. I think people want to hear good music and real singing (again)."

The tour began on February 24 at the Atlanta Civic Center and concluded on November 18 at the Richmond Coliseum. In between, it played both theatres and arenas, including high-profile venues such as Madison Square Garden in New York. The tour kicked off the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri.