New Old

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New Old
"New Old" (1979).jpg
Directed by Pierre Clémenti
Produced by Pierre Clémenti
Screenplay by Pierre Clémenti
Starring Pierre Clémenti
Nadine Hermand
Music by Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Cinematography Pierre Clémenti
Edited by Philippe Puicouyoul
Pierre Clémenti
Distributed by Choses Vues (France]] (DVD)
Release date
21 November 1979
Running time
67 minutes
Country France
Language English

New Old (New old ou les chroniques du temps présent), is a French film directed by Pierre Clémenti, released in 1979. It is the second part of an experimental trilogy comprising 'Visa De Censure No.X', 'Livre De Famille' and 'Anima Mundi'.[1][2] The Village Voice wrote, "Clémenti's New Old (1979—subtitled Chronicles of the Present Times) flows together footage from more than a decade of his wandering between scenes, sets, and drugs, an accelerated world tour through various iterations of the "counterculture." There are fragments of Clémenti on film and stage, a pilgrimage to Warhol's New York and scrambled jamming . . . until the soundtrack tightens up guttural punk guitars from Les Lou's."[3]



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