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NSW Maritime was an agency in the Government of New South Wales, Australia. NSW Maritime was the State Government Authority responsible for marine safety, regulation of commercial and recreational boating and oversight of port operations. The Authority was also responsible for property management of submerged lands in Sydney Harbour, Newcastle Harbour, Botany Bay and Port Kembla, and for providing strategic advice on ports and maritime matters to the NSW Government.

NSW Maritime was created in 2004, replacing the Waterways Authority and the Marine Ministerial Holding Corporation. On 1 November 2011 it merged with the Roads and Traffic Authority to form Roads and Maritime Services.[1]

Safety campaigns included "You're the Skipper, You're Responsible"; "Take Care be Prop Aware" propeller safety campaign; improved vessel lighting[2] and lifejacket laws.[3]

NSW Maritime's powers were drawn from the NSW Ports and Maritime Administration Act 1995. The agency reporteds to the Treasurer and Minister for Ports and Waterways . Recent high profile matters include an investigation into the grounding of the Bulk Carrier MV Pasha Bulker off Newcastle NSW in June 2007 and into a series of fatal incidents on Sydney Harbour in 2007 - 2008.


NSW Maritime was responsible for light operation in the following 13 lighthouses:[4]

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