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The New York Clan MacDonald were a Scottish American professional soccer club. They spent several seasons in both the National Association Football League and New York State Football Association.


In 1907, Clan MacDonald joined the National Association Football League (NAFBL). They finished sixth and withdrew from the NAFBL, joining the New York State Football Association (NYSFA). The NYSFA was broken into a Saturday and Sunday league. The Clan MacDonald won the Sunday league, but lost to Hollywood Inn F.C. of the Saturday league in the championship game.[1] In 1913, they rejoined the NAFBL, playing through the end of the 1914-1915 season. While they registered with the league prior to the 1915-1916 season, they withdrew before the first game of the season. In 1913, Clan MacDonald went to the semifinals of the American Amateur Football Association Cup.


Year League Reg. Season American Cup National Challenge Cup
1907/08 NAFBL 6th  ? N/A
1908/09 NYSFA 2nd Third round N/A
1909/10 NYSFA 1st First Round N/A
1910/11 NYSFA 2nd Third round N/A
1911/12 NYSFA 2nd Third round N/A
1912/13  ? 6th  ? N/A
1913/14 NAFBL 3rd  ? Did not enter
1914/15 NAFBL 5th  ? First round
1915/16  ?  ?  ? First round
1916/17 NYSFA 2nd Semifinal Second round


  • League Championship
  • Runner Up (4): 1909, 1911, 1912, 1917
  • New York State Cup
  • Runner Up (1): 1911


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