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Newala is one of the five districts of the Mtwara Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the west by the Masasi District, to the east by the Tandahimba District, to the south by the Ruvuma River and Mozambique, and to the north by the Tandahimba and Masasi Districts.

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Newala District was 183,930.[1] Most of the inhabitants are from the Makonde tribe.

The District Commissioner is Ali N. Rufunga.[2]


The Newala District is administratively divided into 20 wards:

  • Chilangala
  • Chitekete
  • Chiwonga
  • Kitangari
  • Luchingu
  • Makote
  • Makukwe
  • Malatu
  • Maputi
  • Mchemo
  • Mcholi I
  • Mcholi II
  • Mkoma II
  • Mkunye
  • Mkwedu
  • Mnekachi
  • Mnyambe
  • Mtopwa
  • Namiyonga
  • Nanguruwe