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Developer(s) NexusQA Pty Ltd
Stable release
4.13.01 / October 2017
Written in Delphi, C++ Builder, C#
Operating system Windows
License Commercial

NexusDB is a relational commercial database engine for the Delphi, C++ Builder and .NET programming languages created by NexusDB Pty Ltd. It was developed as a successor to the TurboPower FlashFiler system for Delphi (still available for free download as of 2017).[1] The database engine supports the SQL:2003 standard alongside Core SQL functionality as well as direct cursor based data access.

NexusDB also provides database connectors for easy access from various development and application environments:

  • ADO.NET Provider for Visual Studio; supports Windows, Android, iOS, MacOSX targets
  • ODBC/CLI Driver for Windows
  • PHP Connector for Windows

The website has a Client/Server trial edition [2] and an online manual [3]. A free version (without source code) for embedded/single user can be downloaded via the GetIt tool in Rad Studio XE8 or newer. An SQL based third party database development tool, Database Workbench, has been developed by Upscene Productions.[4]. Third party support exists for Fast Report and ReportBuilder reporting tools.


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