Ney González Sánchez

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Ney González Sánchez

Ney González Sánchez (born January 25, 1963) is a Mexican politician and the former Governor of Nayarit (2005–September 18, 2011).[1][2] González Sánchez studied law in the Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit (UAN) He is married to Maria del Rosario Mejía González, and has three children, Charo, Estefania and Ney. In 2005, Ney González was elected Governor of the State of Nayarit. He took office on September 2005.[3]

Preceded by
Antonio Echevarría Domínguez
Governor of Nayarit
2005 — 2011
Succeeded by
Roberto Sandoval
Preceded by
María Eugenia Jiménez
Municipal President of Tepic, Nayarit
2002 — 2004
Succeeded by
Cora Cecilia Pinedo


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