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Title King of Barotseland
Spouse(s) Cousin
Children Yeta II Nalute
Parent(s) Chief Ingulamwa

Mulena Yomuhulu Mbumu wa Litunga Ngalama was a High Chief of Lozi people in Barotseland Zambia, Africa.[1]


Ngalama was a son of Prince Ingulamwa, Chief of Mokola, who was a son of Queen Mbuymamwambwa.[2]

He was adopted by his paternal uncle, Chief Inyambo, and he succeeded on the death of his other uncle, king Yeta I.

Ngalama had married a daughter of his uncle, Prince Mwanambinyi.[3]

He died at Kwandu, having had sons who were kings: Yeta II Nalute and Ngombala.

His grandson was Prince Mbanga.