Ngbandi people

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TweiMadchen vonSangaflussCentralafrika.jpg
Ngbandi girls, central Africa, 1905
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic

The Ngbandi are an ethnic group from the region of the upper Ubangi River who inhabit the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo and southern Central African Republic. They traditionally speak the Ngbandi language which is part of the Ubangian language family. The Ngbandi, traditionally, were simple farmers who still grow maize, manioc and other food crops. Until recently, some of their subsistence depended on traditional hunting and gathering. They were once known as warriors, and some of the most prized African knives and lances were made by their craftspersons. There is clearly a close connection between this culture and others of Sudan, as evidence by shared usage of a musical instrument, a kind of harp, whose form is distinctive to this area.[1]

Mobutu Sese Seko, the president and de facto dictator of Zaire, came from the Ngbandi ethnic group.


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