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Nicholas A. Price and Gen. Carrol H. "Howie" Chandler
Gen. Carrol H. "Howie" Chandler discusses Air Force imagery with photographer Nicholas Price at the Library of Congress Oct. 6, 2009, in Washington, D.C. The event was the official ceremony welcoming the acquisition of 60 images from the 'Cleared Hot!' Fine Art Photography Collection of the Air Force by Nicholas Price to the library. General Chandler is the Air Force vice chief of staff. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Stan Parker)

'Nicholas A. Price is an American visual artist who specializes in fine art film, photography, sculpture and public art.

Price also writes poetry, children's short stories and adult fiction stories in the genres of crime thrillers and comedy.

"Cleared Hot"[edit]

In 2009, the Library of Congress acquired "Cleared Hot", 60 large-format, black-and-white photographs of men and women in the U.S. Air Force, to fill a gap in the Library's visual collections related to the history of military aviation. The photos are available for viewing by researchers in the Library's Prints and Photographs Division.

"The 60 photographs create a valuable visual story for understanding the hard work and deep commitment of today’s military," said Helena Zinkham, acting chief of the Prints and Photographs Division. "This compelling photographic essay, created to honor the men and women of the Air Force, enriches the Library’s collections by providing a contemporary counterpart to our historic resources."[1]

Fine Art Film Photography[edit]

Fine Art Photography Commissions[edit]

  • Cleared Hot[2]
  • Playground of The Gods [3]
  • Trick Trunk
  • Partnerships With Nature
  • Dam Perspective (Hoover Dam)
  • Dance In Focus/Anatomy of A Ballet
  • Signs of Americana
  • Portraits of America

Books for children[edit]

  • (2017) Timed to Perfection. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522108.
  • (2017) The Lazy Hour. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522122.
  • (2017) Mister Second Runs Out of Time. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522146.
  • (2017) The Moon Has a Big Head. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522009.
  • (2017) Lilys Curl. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522023.
  • (2017) The Tapeworm. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522047.
  • The Hideous Child. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522061.
  • (2017) Hop on Board. New York: Demy Books. ISBN 9781946522085

Adult Fiction Books[edit]

He also writes adult fiction books. His book Adventures in Trichology,[4] is a biography of Norman Baker. His other published books are;


Noted Commissions[edit]

Name of sculpture Location Public/Private
Upward Trends[5] Bank of America Plaza Public
Silver Sail NA Hospice Public
The Cube Federal and State Buildings Public and Private
Ophelia Exclusive Estates Development Private
The Running Man


Private Collector Private
Chiao Teng Public Art Exhibitions Public and Private
The Globe Exclusive Estates Private
The Globe Southshore Development Private
Cintas Tejidas SW Interior Design Group Private
Urban Graffiti Private Client Acquisition Private
Aphrodite Exclusive Estates Development Private
Bishu Public Art Exhibitions Public
Commedia Private Collector Private
Pulling The Strings Public Art Exhibitions Public
IIuminum Private Collector Private
Octopoda Private Collector Private


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