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Nick Cooney
Nick Cooney - Hidden Heroes Gala 2016.jpg
Alma materHofstra University (Non-Violence Studies)
OccupationManaging Partner at Lever VC
Notable work
How to be Great at Doing Good, Veganomics, Change Of Heart

Nick Cooney (born c. 1981) is a Managing Partner at Lever VC, an investment fund focused on alternative protein companies.[1]

He co-founded The Good Food Institute, and was co-founder and Managing Trustee of New Crop Capital.[2][3] He is the author of three books: Change of Heart (2010), Veganomics (2013), and How To Be Great At Doing Good (2015). He previously worked for non-profit organizations Mercy for Animals and Farm Sanctuary and was the founder of non-profit organization The Humane League.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Nick Cooney was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[5] Cooney received a bachelor's degree in Non-Violence Studies from Hofstra University in 2003 with a major in Non-Violence Studies.

Policy and Non-Profit Work[edit]

Nick Cooney previously served as coordinator and director of the Philadelphia-based group, Hugs for Puppies.[6],[7],[8]

In 2005, Nick Cooney founded The Humane League in Philadelphia, a non-profit organization that works to reduce the suffering of farm animals.[9] Cooney is one of several people who provided information used in the writing of the book Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism (2008) by Mark Hawthorne.

Since then, Nick Cooney's work promoting alternative proteins and animal protection has been featured in media outlets.[10][11] He has lectured internationally at conferences and campuses including Harvard,[12] Yale,[13] in Luxembourg,[14] and in Washington, D.C.[15]

Cooney previously worked as campaign coordinator at the non-profit Farm Sanctuary and as executive vice president at non-profit Mercy for Animals.

Work with The Good Food Institute and New Crop Capital[edit]

Nick Cooney is former board chairman and co-founder of The Good Food Institute.[16][17] He is also co-founder and former managing trustee of New Crop Capital, a private venture capital trust that invests in plant-based and cultured meat, dairy, and egg companies.[18] These two organizations collaborate to support the plant-based and cultured food companies.[19]

Work with Lever VC[edit]

Nick Cooney is founder and currently Managing Partner at Lever VC, a U.S.-Asian venture capital fund investing in early stage alternative protein companies.[20][21]


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