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Nick Cross is a Canadian independent animator. His works include The Waif of Persephone, Yellow Cake, Pig Farmer, and Black Sunrise,[1][2][3][4] which he wrote, directed, animated and produced. He is friends with graphic novel artist Troy Little[5] and they collaborated on the development of the animated series Angora Napkin. He directed the pilot for the Nickelodeon series Pig Goat Banana Cricket created by graphic novel creator Dave Cooper and alternative comics creator Johnny Ryan. He was the art director for the Cartoon Network acclaimed mini-series Over the Garden Wall as well as the network's shorts development program. He is currently supervising producer on the upcoming Cartoon Network series Tig n' Seek.

He is married to cartoonist Marlo Meekins.

Black Sunrise[edit]

Black Sunrise is a planned feature-film, produced and animated entirely by Nick Cross. Cross began the film before the rise in popularity of the internet, at which time he considered notions like the Illuminati and secret societies more mysterious and interesting to the general public than they are today. After completing 15 minutes of animation, time constraints prevented Cross from continuing his work on the film. Cross believes that the film, if completed, will not be received favorably because the topic of secret societies is overexposed, but he might still release segments of the film.[6]


Year Title Credit Notes Ref.
1997 Rupert layout artist 13 episodes
2001–2003 Untalkative Bunny storyboard artist
2001 The Red Scarf producer, writer, animator, director [7]
2001–2002 The Ripping Friends model clean-up
2003 Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon art director, background designer, storyboard artist
2006 Tenacious D - "Classico" background artist [5]
The Waif of Persephone producer, writer, animator, director [2]
2007 Wayside storyboard artist 2 episodes
2008 Danko Jones - "King of Magazines" animator, co-director Collaboration with Dave Cooper and Steve Stefanelli. [3]
2009 Angora Napkin co-creator, designer, animator, storyboard artist, background artist, layout artist, director Collaboration with Troy Little.
Jimmy Two-Shoes storyboard artist "Meet the Gnomans"
Yellow Cake producer, writer, animator, director [2]
2010 Scaredy Squirrel storyboard artist "Captain Nuts"
2010–2011 Babar and the Adventures of Badou 15 episodes
2011 The Pig Farmer producer, writer, animator, director [1]
2012 Pig Goat Banana Mantis! animator, director [8]
2013 Perihelion [9]
The Day My Butt Went Psycho! storyboard artist [10]
Tome of the Unknown background painter Nick Cross awarded Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. [11]
2014 Over the Garden Wall art director Nick Cross awarded Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. [11]
Back to Backspace
2015 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water storyboard artist Time travel sequence [12]
Jammers art director
Ridin' with Burgess
Twelve Forever art director, background designer
Uncle Grandpa animator, storyboard artist, director Bumpers in "Guest Directed Shorts" [13]
background painter "The Great Spaghetti Western"
Pig Goat Banana Cricket storyboard artist, director "Pig Goat Banana Cricket High Five!"
Apple & Onion art director
Welcome to My Life art director, background painter
Long Live the Royals character design 2 episodes
2016 Bottom's Butte art director, prop designer
Infinity Train
Summer Camp Island art director
Victor and Valentino
2017 The Fancies art director, prop designer
Legendary Place art director, prop designer, background designer
Tiggle Winks art director, prop designer, background painter
Craig of the Creek art director, prop designer, background designer, background painter
2018 Mushroom and the Forest of the World art director, prop designer, background designer
Sunshine Brownstone art director, character designer, prop designer, color key, background designer, background painter
2019 Pops & Branwell art director, prop designer
Splitting Time art director, prop designer, background painter


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