Love and Radio

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Love and Radio
Genre Short stories/collage
Running time ca. 30 mins.
Country  United States
Creator(s) Nick van der Kolk
Air dates since October 18, 2005
Website [1]
Podcast [2]

Love and Radio is an American audio podcast directed by Nick van der Kolk, with sound design by Brendan Baker. Each episode of Love and Radio consists of a mixture of fact and fiction, presented in a series of interviews and stories related to a theme.[1]

Past themes have included guns, ghosts, secrets, fights, and online dating. Love and Radio is sometimes compared to the show This American Life,[1] but employs a looser, more free-form editing style and does not have a regular host. Its creators claim that (as of May, 2006) it is the only listing in the NPR podcast directory with an "explicit" tag.[2]

Episodes of Love and Radio have aired on WGBH,[3] KUOW-FM,[4] Oregon Public Broadcasting,[3] and Connecticut Public Radio,[5] as well as other American public radio stations. The show was sponsored by National Public Radio as part of the alt.NPR podcast series until alt.NPR was discontinued in 2009.[6] Presently, Love and Radio is distributed as a podcast via

On October 23, 2011, van der Kolk and Baker (along with Nick Williams) were awarded the Gold prize for best documentary by the Third Coast International Audio Festival.[7] The award was for the Love and Radio episode The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt which revolves around an interview with a stay-at-home strip club manager.[8] Roman Mars, one of the Third Coast judges, described the piece as "beautifully constructed and composed in ways that are subtle and unique.”[7] The show also won a Third Coast Award in 2013 for the episode Jack and Ellen.

In 2012 van der Kolk was named a Fellow of United States Artists. [9]


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