Nicolò Arrighetti

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Nicolò Arrighetti
Born March 17, 1709
Florence, Italy
Died January 31, 1767 (1767-02-01) (aged 57)
Citizenship Austrian1
Known for theories of light, heat and electricity
Scientific career
Institutions Spoleto, Prato, Siena
1Florence was under Austrian rule at this time

Nicolò Arrighetti (March 17, 1709 – January 31, 1767) was an Italian professor of natural philosophy. He was born in Florence, Italy in 1709. On October 21, 1724 he became a member of the Society of Jesus; he taught natural philosophy in Spoleto, Prato and Siena. He died in 1767.

His surviving works include treatises on theories of light, heat and electricity and on the causes of the movement of mercury in barometers.

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