Nicolae Caradja

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Nicolae Caradja (1737–1784), also known as Nicolae Vodă Caragea, was a Phanariote Prince of Wallachia, who reigned between 15 January 1782 and 17 July 1783. Previously, he was the great Dragoman of the Ottoman Empire in Constantinople (1769–1774).

Under his reign, police provisions taken concerned public hygiene, chimney sweeping, and the control of coffeehouses, inns, and ways. Unauthorized carrying of uniforms and weapons was prohibited, in order to avoid mutiny by those opposed to his taxation policy. Passports were introduced during his reign. both to control the entry of foreigners and the exit of the discontented.

Preceded by
Alexandru Ipsilanti
Prince of Wallachia
Succeeded by
Mihai Şuţu