Nicolas Fouché

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Nicolas Fouché (1653–1733) was a French painter.

Fouché was born in Troyes, the son of the painter Léonard Fouché. He was received into the Académie de Saint-Luc on 15 March 1679. The abbé de Monville, biographer of Pierre Mignard, called Fouché one of his students. Cardinal Melchior de Polignac owned a series of paintings of the eight liberal arts by Fouché, inventorised by his heir, in 1738. He died in Paris.


  • Budapest, Fine Arts Museum, Pomona, oil on canvas, 1, 475 by 1,145 m.
Pomona, 1700
  • Tours, musée des Beaux-arts, La Poèsie, at the château de Chanteloup prior to the revolution, oil on canvas, 1,10 by 0,81 m.

Engravers of his work[edit]


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