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Nigel Eccles
Alma materUniversity of St. Andrews

Nigel Eccles is a technology entrepreneur currently serving as the CEO of the group chat company Flick. He is best known for being the co-founder and CEO of Hubdub and FanDuel.[1][2][3]


Eccles launched the online political prediction market Hubdub in 2007.[4] He admitted that Hubdub "didn’t really have a good business model," which made him change the focus of the company.[5] Hubdub later turned into FanDuel.[6]

Eccles co-founded the daily fantasy company FanDuel in 2009.[7] Starting in 2016, he oversaw the planning of the merger between FanDuel and Draftkings.[8] However, the Federal Trade Commission blocked the merger from taking place in 2017.[9]

In November 2017 Eccles left FanDuel to pursue a new venture in the esports industry.[10]

In January 2018, Eccles co-founded an Edinburgh-based video game and social streaming platform Flick.[11]

In May of 2020, Eccles worked with Scott Greenberg and Mike Kuchera to create StarStock, a website focused around buying and selling sports cards. In March of 2021, StarStock raised $8 million in a round of funding, with investors including Andreesen Horowitz and Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young.[12]


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