Night Fright

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Night Fright
Night Fright FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byJames A. Sullivan
Produced byWallace Clyce Jr.
Written byRuss Marker
StarringJohn Agar
Ralph Baker Jr.
Bill Thurman
Music byChristopher Trussell
CinematographyRobert C. Jessup
Edited byArthur Sullivan
Release date
November 1967
Running time
88 minutes
65 minutes (UK)
CountryUnited States

Night Fright is a 1967 American science-fiction horror film directed by James A. Sullivan that was shot near Dallas, Texas.

In the early 1980s, the film was re-titled in the United Kingdom for VHS release as E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nastie, E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nasty, The Extraterrestrial Nastie and The Extraterrestrial Nasty .

Plot summary[edit]

A Texas community is beset by a rash of mysterious killings involving some of the students from the local college. The sheriff investigating the deaths discovers the startling identity of the killer responsible for the murders. A NASA experiment involving cosmic rays has mutated an alligator into an ogre-like form and bullet-proof unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for blood.


  • John Agar as Sheriff Clint Crawford
  • Carol Gilley as Nurse Joan Scott
  • Ralph Baker Jr. as Chris Jordan
  • Dorothy Davis as Judy
  • Bill Thurman as Deputy Ben Whitfield
  • Roger Ready as Prof. Alan Clayton
  • Gary McLain as Wes Blau
  • Darlene Drew as Darlene Scott
  • Frank Jolly as Rex Bowers
  • Bill Holly as Deputy Pat Lance
  • Janiz Menshew as Carla
  • Russ Marker as Mitch
  • Toni Pearce as Betty the Waitress
  • Christi Simmons as Annie
  • Brenda Venus as Sue
  • Byron Lord as Government Man
  • Ronnie Weaver as Government Man
  • Olivia Pinion as Partygoer
  • Nancy Mann as Partygoer
  • Lewis Helm as Partygoer
  • Jeanie Wilson as Mary Bennett
  • Rod Paxton as Buddy Williams
  • The Wildcats as Themselves


The soundtrack was performed by the Houston, Texas garage band The Wildcats. The band also played in another movie scored by Christopher Trussell also filmed in 1967 entitled Fulfillment: Something Worth Remembering.

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