Nightmares (Architects album)

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Studio album by Architects
Released 15 May 2006
Studio Springlodge Recording Rooms, Colchester, Essex
Genre Metalcore, mathcore
Length 30:21
Label In at the Deep End Records
Distort Entertainment
Producer Karl Bareham and Architects
Architects chronology

Nightmares is the debut album by the metalcore band Architects. It is the only album featuring the band's original line-up with Matt Johnson on vocals and Tim Lucas on bass.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Architects.

No. Title Length
1. "To the Death" 2:41
2. "You Don't Walk Away from Dismemberment" 4:58
3. "Minesweeper" 3:32
4. "They'll Be Hanging Us Tonight" 3:31
5. "This Confession Means Nothing" 3:29
6. "In the Desert" 4:05
7. "A Portrait for the Deceased" 4:23
8. "The Darkest Tomb" 3:42


  • Matt Johnson – vocals
  • Tim Hillier-Brook – guitar
  • Tom Searle – guitar, keyboards
  • Tim Lucas – bass
  • Dan Searle – drums, programming
  • Produced by Karl Bareham and Architects
  • Mixed and mastered by Karl Bareham