Nightstick (band)

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Origin Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Sludge metal
Years active 1992–present
Labels Devour Records, Relapse Records, At War With False Noise
Associated acts Siege, The Spoils
  • Alex Smith
  • Rob Williams
  • Cotie Cowgill
  • Padoinka the Clown
Past members

Nightstick are a sludge metal band from Weymouth, Massachusetts, who are often compared to Black Sabbath or Monster Magnet.[by whom?]

The band was formed by ex-Siege drummer Rob Williams.

Nightstick are well known for their unique stage shows which feature a dancing clown called Padoinka. Padoinka the clown is widely considered to be the fourth member of the band and has featured heavily on the art work of all three full-length albums. The Padoinka persona has been adopted by several people due to heroin addiction.[citation needed]


  • Alex Smith – Vocals/Bass
  • Cotie Cowgill – Guitars
  • Rob Williams – Drums
  • Padoinka The Clown – Interpretive Dance
Former members
  • Bobby Clark – guitar