Niillas Somby

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Niillas Somby
Niillas Aslaksen Somby.jpg
Born (1948-12-04) 4 December 1948 (age 68) [1]
Occupation Sami political rights activist, cultural worker.

Niillas Somby (formally known as Nils Somby)[2] is a Sami political rights activist, journalist and photographer. He was one of the seven hunger strikers during the Alta controversy.[2][3] and lost an arm during a sabotage action.[2][4]

In 1999, a documentary film directed by Paul-Anders Simma was produced called Give Us Our Skeletons which describe Niillas' quest to retrieved the head of his ancestor Mons Somby and Aslak Hætta from the University of Oslo in Norway.[5]


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