Nikaia Municipal Gymnasium

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Nikaia Municipal Stadium
Proodeftiki stadium
Location Greece Chrysostomoy Smyrnis 45, Nikaia
Coordinates 37°58′40″N 23°39′36″E / 37.97778°N 23.66000°E / 37.97778; 23.66000Coordinates: 37°58′40″N 23°39′36″E / 37.97778°N 23.66000°E / 37.97778; 23.66000
Capacity 5.000
Opened 1937
Renovated 1992, 2000, 2009
Proodeftiki F.C., Proodeftiki F.C. Youth

The Nikaia Municipal Stadium (Greek: Δημοτικό Γήπεδο Νίκαιας) is a football stadium in the Athens suburb of Nikaia.

It is the main playing field for the local Proodeftiki F.C. playing team, and is colloquially known by the name "Proodeftiki Stadium".

It is located 2 km east of the Neapoli Stadium, home of the Proodeftiki's local rival Ionikos F.C..