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Nikoly (Nikolay) Nikolaevich Rudnev (Rudniev) (1895–1944) was a Ukrainian–Uzbekistani chess master.

Born in Kharkiv, he won in the Mannheim 1914 chess tournament (Hauptturnier B).[1] After World War I and Bolshevik Revolution, he was sent to Uzbekistan. He tied for 1st with Sergey von Freymann in the Championship of Middle Asia in 1927,[2] took 6th in the 6th USSR Chess Championship at Odessa 1929 (quarter final).[3]

He took 2nd, behind von Freymann, at Tashkent 1932 (the 3rd UZB-ch),[4] tied for 8-9th at Tashkent 1934 (the 4th UZB-ch, Vasily Panov won, off contest),[5] Rudnev won the 7th Uzbekistani Chess Championship in 1938.[6]


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