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Nils-Olof Franzén.

Nils Olof Franzén was a Swedish author who wrote the Agaton Sax kk He was born 23 August 1916, in Oxelösund. He died on 24 February 1997, at age 81. Franzén had a wife and three children. His son Bo is still alive, along with two sisters (Kee and unknown). His literary estate is represented by ALIS.

He was director of programmes for Swedish Radio from 1956 to 1973, and also wrote a number of biographies.

The first of his eleven Agaton Sax books, Agaton Sax klipper till, was published in 1955. According to a description inside Agaton Sax and the Criminal Doubles, Franzén originally wrote the stories for his son.

The books[edit]

Swedish title Published English title Published
Agaton Sax klipper till 1955 Agaton Sax and the Big Rig (extended) 1976
Agaton Sax och den ljudlösa sprängämnesligan 1956 Agaton Sax and the League of Silent Exploders 1974
Agaton Sax och vita möss-mysteriet 1957 Agaton Sax and the Haunted House 1975
Agaton Sax och de slipade diamanttjuvarna 1959 Agaton Sax and the Diamond Thieves 1965
Agaton Sax och det gamla pipskägget 1961 Agaton Sax and the Scotland Yard Mystery 1969
Agaton Sax och Byköpings gästabud 1963 Agaton Sax and the Criminal Doubles 1971
Agaton Sax och bröderna Max 1965 Agaton Sax and the Max Brothers (a.k.a. Bank Robbers) 1970
Agaton Sax och den bortkomne mr Lispington 1966 Agaton Sax and the Colossus of Rhodes 1972
Agaton Sax och de okontanta miljardärerna 1967 Not published in the UK
Agaton Sax och den svällande rotmos-affären 1970 Agaton Sax and the London Computer Plot 1973
Agaton Sax och den mörklagda ljusmaskinen 1978 Agaton Sax and Lispington's Grandfather Clock 1978