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NIMR Automotive
Lebanese airborne nimr4x4.png
Lebanese Airborne Regiment NIMR II 4×4
Type Infantry Mobility Vehicle
Place of origin  United Arab Emirates  Algeria
Service history
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Production history
Produced 2005 - Present
Number built 500/1800 ( delivery/orders)
Width 2.20 m (87 in)
Crew 2

Armor STANAG 4569 Up to level 3
Mine level 2a/2b
Engine Cummins ISBe300 Turbo / ISBe250 Turbo
Suspension Double wishbone - Independent over coil springs
Ground clearance .4 m
700 km (430 mi)
Speed 135 km/h (84 mph)

NIMR Automotive (Tiger) is a wheeled military vehicle manufacturer based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Emirates Defence Technology (EDT) initially started the Nimr project in the UAE. Engineers from the Industrial Computer Technologies engineering firm (a subsidiary of Russia's GAZ) were then subcontracted to complete the detailed engineering and prototyping of the first Nimr 1 prototype. Further developments of the Nimr 1 and the complete development of the next generation Nimr vehicles was carried out in the UAE by the Bin Jabr Group.

The Nimr (tiger) vehicle has been designed to carry out military, police and peacekeeping missions in the Middle East area thanks to a cooling system that allows the vehicle to withstand the harsh desert climate which can reach as high as 55 °C. The vehicle also features composite ceramic armour & a central tyre inflation system. The vehicle is based on a flexible modular concept to provide support for a wide range of missions.

Three prototypes were made in 2000; armoured versions and a 6×6 version were later developed as well. The vehicle was to be assembled in Jordan at Advanced Industries of Arabia (AIA), a production facility owned by EDT and KADDB. In early 2005, the UAE army awarded AIA a contract worth $41 million to deliver 500 vehicles.

Bin Jabr Group teamed with MBDA and Rheinmetall Defence Electronics to develop the Nimrad (Nimr Air Defence) and Nimrat (Nimr Anti-Tank) anti-armour/anti-bunker variant based on the Nimr 4×4 vehicle.



  • NIMR II Armoured
  • NIMR II Armoured - Remote Weapon Station


  • NIMR Open Top
  • NIMR Air Defence System
    • Nimrad: Equipped with four Mistral surface-to-air missiles with another four munitions inside the vehicle.
  • NIMR Anti-Tank
    • Nimrat: Equipped with either Milan ER or Milan 3 anti-tank missiles with four missiles ready-to-fire and an additional four inside the vehicle.
  • NIMR 6x6 Multi-Rocket Launcher System
  • NIMR Armoured 6×6 Armoured Troop Carrier
  • NIMR Station Wagon
  • NIMR Single Cabin Cargo
  • NIMR Double Cabin Cargo
  • NIMR Multi Purpose 6×6 Cargo
  • NIMR 107 mm MLRS

All models are powered by a Cummins engines developing 146 kW of power which provides a top speed of 140 km/h on road and a cruising range of 700 km. The vehicle has a seating capacity for 2 + 6 passengers that can vary depending on the vehicle version. The vehicle weight and payload specifications varies depending on the variant.



Nimr 4×4

  • Accommodation: Crew 2, Passengers 6
  • Dimensions: Fuel Tank Capacity 140 l (37 gl), Height 2.0 m, Length 4.8 m, Width 2.2 m
  • Weights: Max Weight 4,440 kg (9,788 lb), Payload 1,500 kg (3,307 lb)
  • Performance: Max Range 700 km (378 nm) on road, Top Speed 140 km/h (87 mph)
  • Power: Power 146 kW
  • Other: Wheels 4


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