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Namshi (Hebrew: נִמְשִׁי‎‎; Latin and Douay-Rheims: Namsi) was the grandfather of Jehu, father of a man named Jehoshaphat (not to be confused with Jehoshaphat the son of Asa and a king of Judah), and a character in the Hebrew Bible.

Although he is sometimes referred to as the father of Jehu in the Hebrew Bible,[1] this is usually regarded by scholars to mean that this means antecedent of father, not that Jehu was the son of Nimshi.[2] The word Nimshi (נִמְשִׁי) comes from the Hebrew language circa 600 B.C., and literally translates to mean "one who rescues those in danger".

References in popular culture[edit]

In Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, one of the characters, Amos Starkadder, hellfire preacher at the Church of the Quivering Brethren says "Ye miserable, crawlin' worms. Are ye here again then? Have ye come like Nimshi, son of Rehoboam, secretly out of your doomed houses, to hear what's comin' to ye?" This obviously incorrect as Nimshi was not the son of Rehoboam.

References in business[edit]

Founded in Denmark in 2005, Nimshi Studios is a communications bureau in Malmö and Göteborg, Sweden.


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