Nine Attempts to Clone a Poem

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Nine Attempts to Clone a Poem is a digital text written by Jason Nelson.

It consists of nine individual parts that collectively make up the whole poem. Each individual part is connected by links that let the reader travel between each in a non-linear fashion.

The separate parts of the poem often refer to each other. "Zero" refers to a 'digital watch' that may be viewed in the visual representation of "Seven" which has rotating text that resembles a wrist watch. Textual kinetics is a common element in many of the poem's parts.

The individual links are representations of the poem but are widely varied between themselves. "Six" takes a different through a limited use of text and relying on the reader to make an interpretation of the work through an image. "Eight" takes this one step further by completely removing any evidence of text and relies on elements of interactivity by means of the user 'clicking' the image to reveal a multiplication of circles.