Nino Fernandez

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Nino Fernandez
Born (1984-01-13) 13 January 1984 (age 33)
Hamburg, Germany
Occupation Actor
Years active 2007–present

Nino Fernandez (born 13 January 1984) is an Indonesian actor.


Fernandez was born in Hamburg, Germany, on 13 January 1984[1] to Jeffrey Fernandez and his Indonesian wife Marita; he was the second of three children born to the couple. The family moved to Indonesia when Nino was still young; once in the country, the family often changed homes. The younger Fernandez first attended elementary school at Permata Bunda Dharma Karya UT, then transferred to Mardi Yuana 1 in Bogor when the family moved there. After the May 1998 riots, the family returned to Germany, where Nino finished his education. He later received an undergraduate degree in business from the University of Hamburg, working as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant to help pay his tuition.[2]

After Nino's graduation, the family returned to Indonesia. Nino Fernandez took up a job as a video jockey with MTV Indonesia. In 2007 he was cast in his first featured film, Terowongan Casablanca (The Casablanca Tunnel).[2] That year he played the lead role of Nesta in the LGBT-themed romantic comedy Coklat Stroberi (Chocolate Strawberry), directed by Ardy Octavian.[3] The gay character proved to be Fernandez' breakthrough role, as he received numerous invitations to act and MC afterwards.[2] Also that year he had a minor role in Nayato Fio Nuala's Kangen (Longing).[4]

Fernandez played the character Bayu in Rudy Soedjarwo's 2008 film In the Name of Love, a film compared to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in theme.[5] That year he also appeared in Claudia/Jasmine.[2] In 2009 he was romantically involved with Miss Indonesia 2009 Kerenina Sunny Halim, but the couple had separated by mid-2010.[2][6]

In 2009, Fernandez played the lead role of Randy in Get Married 2, a sequel to Hanung Bramantyo's 2007 hit Get Married.[7] The film followed Randy and his new wife Mae's attempts to have a child,[8] a role that Fernandez found challenging.[1] That same year he portrayed the half-Dutch half-native pilot and composer Ishak Pahing in Teddy Soeriaatmadja's film Ruma Maida (Maida's House).[9] He also appeared in several sitcoms.[1]


  • Terowongan Casablanca (The Casablanca Tunnel; 2007)
  • Coklat Stroberi (Chocolate and Strawberry; 2007)
  • Kangen (Longing; 2007)
  • Claudia/Jasmine (2008)
  • In The Name of Love (2008)
  • Get Married 2 (2009)
  • Ruma Maida (Maida's House; 2009)
  • Cowok Bikin Pusing (Men Make the Head Spin; 2011)]
  • Bidadari Bidadari Surga ("Angels of Heaven";2012)]
  • Operation Wedding (2013)
  • Get Married 4 (2013)
  • Cinta Paling Agung



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