Ninth Grade Slays

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Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays
Ninth Grade Slays.jpg
Book Cover
Author Zac Brewer
Cover artist Jason Henry
Country United States
Language English
Series The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod (Book 2)
Genre Fantasy, Vampire, Young adult
Publisher Speak
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback, paperback)
Pages 278
ISBN 978-0525478928
Preceded by Eighth Grade Bites
Followed by Tenth Grade Bleeds

Ninth Grade Slays is a novel by Zac Brewer, formerly known as Heather Brewer, and the second of five books in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod collection. It is a continuation of the first book: Eighth Grade Bites. Vladimir Tod (now in high school) faces new problems such as the bullied Edgar Poe trying to prove Vlad is a vampire after Halloween night, the news a slayer is in town, and a mysterious vampire named Jasik hunting him down.


In this, the second book in the Vladimir Tod series, Vlad is just starting High School. In the beginning of the novel Henry (Vlad's best friend and drudge) and Vlad (the half vampire/half human protagonist of the story) welcome Henry's cousin, Joss, to Bathory. As they work their way through their Freshman year of high school Joss and Vlad become close friends. Joss develops a crush on Meredith Brookstone, the girl Vlad is in love with going out with her for one dance due to not having knowledge of Vlads love for Meredith, but does not date her at a later point because of his and Vlad's friendship.

Otis takes Vlad on a trip to Siberia where Vlad meets Vikas, both his uncle's and his father's teacher and friend. Vlad tells Vikas of his father's death and they hold a Pyre, a vampire funeral. Vikas then begins teaching Vlad to use his powers and tells him the story of the Pravus, the fabled half human/half vampire that would rule of Vampire kind and enslave the human race. Otis shows Vlad memories of Vlad's father and consents to teach Vlad to use his powers due to his disapproval of Vikas's teaching methods. Shortly after returning from Siberia and to school, Joss decides to let Vlad in on his secret, that he is a Slayer and has been sent to Bathory to kill a vampire. At this point Joss still believes Vlad is human and asks that they search for the vampire together. D'Ablo, the vampire antagonist of the first book who was assumed dead, returns to attempt to kill Vlad. Vlad tells Joss about this and he agrees to help look for the vampire that attacked Vlad, together. When they meet in the clearing in the woods D'Ablo is there and Joss finds out that Vlad is a vampire, the vampire he was sent to kill. On top of that, it was D'Ablo who sent Joss and was controlling his mind to prevent him from realizing that D'Ablo was a vampire. Joss stakes Vlad and Vlad almost dies, but is saved by Otis and taken to the hospital. While Vlad is in the hospital Joss visits him and tells him that their friendship is over and leaves. When Vlad gets back to school he finds a note on his locker from Joss confirming that they are no longer friends. Vlad soon hears of this and starts to fall in love with Henry.

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