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Nippon Maru (1984)

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Nippon Maru in Yokohama
NameNippon Maru
OwnerJapanese Government
OperatorNational Institute for Sea Training (Under MLIT)
Port of registry Tokyo, Japan
BuilderSumitomo Heavy Industries
Launched15 February 1984
Completed16 September 1984
General characteristics
Length110.1 metres (361 ft)
Beam13.8 metres (45 ft)
Draught6.5 metres (21 ft)

Nippon Maru (日本丸) is a Japanese training sailing ship operated by the National Institute for Sea Training out of Tokyo.[1] She was built by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Uraga, Kanagawa, and was launched on 15 February 1984, with her commissioning occurring on 16 September.[1] She was built as a replacement for the 1930-built barque Nippon Maru.[1]

Nippon Maru is 110.1 metres (361 ft) long, with a beam of 13.8 metres (45 ft) and a draft of 6.5 metres (21 ft).[1] Her gross tonnage is 2,891.[1] She is rigged as a four-masted barque, with a sail area of 2,760 square metres (29,700 sq ft), and has two 1,500-horsepower diesel engines for auxiliary functions.[1] She has a crew complement of 70, with a training complement of 120 trainees.[1]


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