Coordinates: 46°59′N 3°10′E / 46.99°N 3.16°E / 46.99; 3.16
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Flag of Nivernais
Coat of arms of Nivernais
Time zoneCET

Nivernais (/ˌnvərˈn/,[1][2] French: [nivɛʁnɛ] ) was a province of France, around the city of Nevers, which forms the modern department of Nièvre. It roughly coincides with the former Duchy of Nevers.[3]

The raw climate and soils cause the area to be heavily wooded.


À la nivernaise refers to a cooking style involving a glaze, usually of butter and sugar, although sometimes involving butter and some other ingredient.


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46°59′N 3°10′E / 46.99°N 3.16°E / 46.99; 3.16