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Noémi Kiss (born in 1974 in Gödöllő) is a Hungarian writer, whose works have been translated into English, German, Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian. The German press considers Kiss as one of the most promising writers of her generation.[1][2][3]

Kiss studied Comparative literature, Sociology and Hungarian Studies at the University of Konstanz in Germany, and also at the University of Miskolc in Hungary, where she has been a lecturer since 2000. She received her PhD from the University of Miskolc in 2003 for a dissertation on Paul Celan, published with the title Határhelyzetek. Paul Celan költészete és magyar recepciója (Borderline cases: Paul Celan’s poetry and its Hungarian reception). Kiss regularly publishes short stories, and fictional travelogues on Eastern Europe, and essays on photography and literature.[4]

Kiss often attends international literature festivals, among others in Berlin, Graz, Hamburg, Krems[disambiguation needed], Timișoara, Ruse. In 2009 she was a fellow at the Literarisches Colloquium in Berlin[5] and in 2013/2014, she was writer-in-residence in Zurich.[6]

Kiss is a mother of twins, a boy and a girl born in 2010.[1] Kiss currently resides in Budapest with her family.

Major Works[edit]

  • Tájgyakorlatok. Budapest: JAK-Kijárat, 2003. (short stories)
  • Határhelyzetek. Paul Celan költészete és magyar recepciója. Budapest: Anonymous, 2003.
  • Trans. Budapest: Magvető, 2006. (short stories)
  • Was geschah während wir schliefen". Berlin: Matthes und Seitz, 2009. (in German)
  • Trans. Belgrade: Agora, 2007. (in Serbian)
  • Rongyos ékszerdoboz. Budapest: Magvető, 2009. (short
  • Fotográfia és irodalom. Miskolc: Műút, 2011. (essays on photography and literature)
  • Ikeranya. Budapest: Magvető, 2013. (short stories)
  • Sovány angyalok. Budapest: Magvető, 2015. (novel)

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