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Pronunciation no:elle
Gender Female
Word/name Latin and Old French
Meaning "Christmas"
Region of origin france
Other names
Nickname(s) Noel
Related names Carol, Natalie, Natasha

Noelle is a feminine given name. It is an English form of the French name Noëlle, which is a feminine form of the name Noël meaning "Christmas" in French. The French word itself is derived, via Old French, from Latin "natalis dies (Domini)" meaning "birthday (of the Lord)". Noelle is a name usually given the day of Christmas, day before, or day after.


  • Arabic: نويل
  • Belarusian: Ноэль ( Noeĺ)
  • Bulgarian: Ноел (Noel)
  • Chinese Simplified: 诺伊尔 (Nuòyīěr)
  • Chinese Traditional: 諾伊爾 (Nuòyīěr)
  • French: Noëlle, Noèle, Noella
  • Hausa: Noëlle
  • Hebrew: נואל
  • Japanese: ノエル ( Noeru)
  • Kannada: ನೊಯಿಲ್ಲೆ ( Noyille)
  • Korean: 노엘레
  • Macedonian: Ноел (Noel)
  • Persian: نوئل
  • Polish: Natalia
  • Russian: Ноэль (Noel')
  • Serbian: Ноел (Noel)
  • Spanish: Noelia
  • Tamil: அம்மாடி (Am'māṭi)
  • Thai: โนเอล (Noxel)
  • Ukrainian: Ноель (Noel')
  • Yiddish: נאָועל ( Nʼáwʻl)

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