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Noelle Kocot is an American poet. She is the author of seven full-length collections of poetry, including Phantom Pains of Madness (Wave Books, May, 2016), Soul in Space (Wave Books, October 2013), The Bigger World (Wave Books, 2011) and Sunny Wednesday (Wave Books, 2009). The New York Times, reviewing her 2006 book Poem for the End of Time, noted that "these poems are saturated with despair, but cling to a grim, even masochistic hopefulness."[1] She has also published Poet By Default (Wave Books, 2011), a limited-edition collection of translations of the poems of Tristan Corbière. Kocot has received numerous honors for her poetry, including a NEA fellowship[2] and inclusion in The Best American Poetry anthologies for 2001 and 2012 [3] and the 2013 edition of Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and resides in New Jersey.[4]




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