No. 48 Squadron (Finland)

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No. 48 Squadron Finnish Air Force
Country Finland
Branch Finnish Air Force
Role bomber
Engagements Continuation War

No. 48 Squadron (Finnish: Lentolaivue 48 or Le.Lv.48), renamed No. 48 Bomber Squadron (Finnish: Pommituslentolaivue 48 or PLe.Lv.48 on 14 February 1944) was a bomber squadron of the Finnish Air Force during World War II. The squadron was part of Flying Regiment 4.


Continuation War[edit]

  • 1st Flight (1. Lentue)
  • 2nd Flight (2. Lentue)
  • 3rd Flight (3. Lentue)
  • Ambulance Flight (Sairaankuljetuslentue)
  • Photography Flight or Flight Ahtiainen (Valokuvauslentue or Lentue Ahtiainen)
  • Separate Photography Flight (Erillinen valokuvauslentue or Er.Valok.Ltue.)

The equipment consisted of 19 Bristol Blenheim Mk.Is, Bristol Blenheim Mk.IVs, 4 Ilyushin DB-3Ms, Ilyushin Il-4s, 4 Petlyakov Pe-2s, 1 Dornier Do 17Z, 1 Douglas DC-2, and 3 Junkers aircraft.

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