No Bigger than a Minute

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No Bigger than a Minute
Written bySteven Delano, Amy Kaplan
Directed bySteven Delano
StarringPeter Dinklage, Werner Herzog, Bushwick Bill
Theme music composerJon Hegel
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Steven Delano, Diane Markrow
CinematographyJames Phelan
Editor(s)Chad Herschberger
Running time53 minutes

No Bigger than a Minute is a 2006 documentary film about dwarfs in the media as well as filmmaker Steven Delano's own cathartic effort to deal with his dwarfism, something he ignored for almost forty years. Delano interviews actor Peter Dinklage, director Werner Herzog, and rapper Bushwick Bill as he deals with the question: If genetic engineering can weed out the condition, is that something we would want to do?[1][2]

No Bigger than a Minute had its television premiere in 2006 as part of PBS's Point of View series.


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