No Contest II

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No Contest II
Directed by Paul Lynch
Written by Richard Beattie and Michael Stokes
Starring Shannon Tweed
Bruce Payne
Lance Henriksen
Release dates
Running time
86 min.
Country United States
Language English

No Contest II is a 1997 action film starring Shannon Tweed, Bruce Payne and Lance Henriksen. It is a sequel to No Contest.


Erich Dengler, the son of Manferd Dengler (a prominent Nazi during the rule of Adolf Hitler in Germany), poses as an Art Collector, Eric Dane, in order to take over the Holman Museum where he holds the occupants including Sharon Bell and Jack Terry who are shooting a film. Dengler attempts to unleash a lethal nerve gas bomb which threatens the safety of the world. His plan is to sell the rest of the nerve gas to the highest bidder. Jack and Sharon make it their business to stop him.


  • Lance Henriksen as Eric Dane / Erich Dengler
  • Shannon Tweed as Sharon Bell
  • Bruce Payne as Jack Terry
  • Jayne Heitmeyer as Bobbi Bell
  • Jeffrey Max Nicholls as Steven Ivory
  • Joseph Griffin as Reggie
  • David Keeley as Ritter
  • Kevin Jubinville as Falco
  • Sky Gilbert as Beagle
  • Fiona Highet as Lisette
  • Barbara Chilcott as Mrs. Holman
  • Falconer Abraham as Jarvis
  • Hamish McEwan as Binsey
  • Sophie Simmons as Little Girl Rose
  • Tommy Chang as Kidnapper


The film has a rating of 4.5 out of 10 on IMDB.[1]