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Noah Wunsch

Noah Wunsch (born 1970 in Rendsburg) is a German painter, photographer, and designer.


The artist Noah Wunsch studied design at the well-known, Hamburg based artist Ursula Unbehaun.[1] He attended the University for Music and Art in Vienna, Austria. As a photographer he was taught by Christoph Rüdt von Collenberg and Wolfgang Klein. Later he studied acting, music and dancing at the Stella-Academy in Hamburg. Noah Wunsch is living and always travelling between Paris, Hamburg, New York City and California. The artist is known for his charity support.[2][3]


Noah Wunsch Exhibition "Arc en Ciel" in France

The artist focuses on very big and colourful paintings,[4] also altar paintings for churches. The Picasso-organizer Thierry de la Fontaine considered his work “to be full of energy and fruitfulness. From it comes a real light, both from within and from a spiritual point of view!”,.[5] Some of his paintings, that he created in Mexico, France, USA, Germany or Italy are up to 12m long and considered to be of high value.[6] One of history biggest paintings of almost 200 meters has been created by Noah Wunsch and attracted a huge number of visitors at the world heritage site Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans in France.[7][8] His deep faith inspired the artist to create a bible for children with his images.[9] Worldwide, the painter has shown his work in many exhibitions, from Vienna, Hamburg, Toulouse, Madrid, Chicago, New York to Mexico.[10]


As a photographer, Noah Wunsch created portraits of many celebrities, like David Copperfield, Richard von Weizsäcker. John Neumeier, Claudia Schiffer and Diana Ross. As a photographer. Noah Wunsch worked on the fashion shows in Paris for labels like Yves St. Laurent, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.[11] His pictures, published by well-known companies like Gruner & Jahr, Jahreszeiten-Verlag, Bauer Verlag and Mont Blanc, are characterized by clarity and sensibility for the small details.


Since 2006 Noah Wunsch is also successful as a fashion designer. His work is considered as glamorous and free of any fashion trend. So far he seems to create pieces only for a small, exclusive audience.[12]